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Party Animals SA

Duwayne has always loved animals, and wants to introduce his viewers and followers to the safe side of exploring

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the wonder of creatures

The interactive

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educational talks are bound to be found entertaining by all ages

Among the amazing friends that we find are the chinchilla with the softest fur in the world, the blue tongued skink with a very peculiar blue tongue, one of the biggest skinks we find and many, many more

A life long passion, Duwayne is sure to impress you with his knowledge, patience and love for our friends in nature


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We are branching out soon ….

Snow Cones and Rides (Coming Soon)

Delicious refreshing snow cones with many flavors to choose from as well as some exciting fun kids rides

Planting for Joy (Coming Soon)

Kids can plant their own seeds and see how they grow

Educational Puzzles (Coming

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A variety of puzzles and educational learning tools